Sterling Ardrey-Baty – Personal Trainer in Long Beach

Personal Trainer in Long Beach – Meet Sterling Ardrey-Baty, a personal trainer that is passionate about cultivating a love for fitness in all his athletes. With over 2 years of experience in the industry, working with athletes of all ages and fitness levels, Sterling connects to their “why” and uses his knowledge to elevate quality of life.

With a major emphasis on core stability, Sterling will utilize body building & plyometrics in his sessions to help clients achieve their physical aspirations. He empowers his athletes to “Show Up and Show Out” in every session.

Sterling understands that there can be a learning curve to training, and will use direct cues and breaks down form for each exercise to make sure athletes are training with intention and focus. Enthusiasm and high energy are infectious traits he possesses and will create a fun spirited environment for learning and competition.

Whether it’s for sport performance, confidence building, or your mental health. A training plan will be curated for your specific goals to guide you in reaching them. We all have busy lives and working with Sterling will take the uncertainty out of training for you. So if you’re ready to elevate your fitness, improve your movement quality, or grow the “peach” you’ve always wanted. Take the next step in your journey and get in touch today with a trainer that is ready to celebrate your wins.