Aline Estrada – Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer in Long Beach – I began my advocacy for metabolic health and self-care through my own challenges growing up in pointe shoes as an athlete with Type-1 Diabetes. Fitness, specifically resistance training, gave me direction and life skills to better manage the physical and emotional battles with my immune disease. This built a passion in me to help improve the mental and physical health of others going through similar experiences.I have worked with many clients who have once felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and helpless. I love working with beginners and those who have failed in the past because I come from the same place! My journey over the last 15 years has lead me from working with talent on the music videos of Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, 21 Savage, J Balvin and Rosalia – to involving myself in scientific conferences, and studying how to bridge the gap between lifestyle challenges and wellness. I am a certified National Academy of Sports medicine trainer, injury prevention, strength and mobility coach, and consider myself a leader in precision, functional, and personalized training protocols that are not only effective and safe, but also validated in laboratory-settings and real-life clients and athletes.

Dustin Powell – HIIT Personal Trainer

HIIT Personal Trainer – My Name is Dustin Powell and I became a personal trainer after realizing what benefits it brought to me not just physically but also mentally which gave me the desire to also be that difference maker for the individuals who want pursue personal growth and discipline within their life.

Keishawn Bierria – Personal Trainer in Long Beach

Keishawn Bierria is an Active Professional Athlete.
NFL draftee in 2018.
3 years NFL Vet at Linebacker position.
2 years CFL Vet.
Former PAC 12 Champ 2017 – University of Washington Grad
My goal as a dedicated personal trainer, is to push the boundaries of physical and mental strengthening. Drawing from experience as a professional football player, i have developed a deep understanding of the resilience required to excel in the world of fitness. The goal is not just to sculpt bodies but to strengthen mental capabilities. I thrive on challenges and approach each one with a positive mindset, believing that every hurdle is an opportunity for growth. Join me on this transformative journey to unlock your full potential and achieve your fitness goals.

Kriss Torrealba – Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer – Fitness wasn’t always part of my life. I started training martial arts in the middle of the pandemic and becoming a fighter had a big impact in my lifestyle. After my first Muay Thai competition, I found my passion not only for fitness, but for helping people become their best versions of themselves as my coaches did for me. My goal as a personal trainer is to help individuals feel good about themselves for the inside out. I have 3+ years of experience in the fitness industry as well as fighting experience in martial arts.

Rudy Conriquez – Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer – I go by the name Coach Conriquez, and I have a background in collegiate baseball, having also gained some professional baseball experience. Following my baseball career, I transitioned into the field of personal training, where I have been certified as a strength and conditioning coach for the past three years. Over time, I have acquired many skills as well as being certified as a coach for Overtime Athletes. My training programs are meticulously crafted, drawing upon scientific research, evidence, and my own experience. These programs are centered around four key training principles: speed, power, strength, and structure. I guide my athletes through each stage of the program, prioritizing their safety and ensuring optimal effectiveness. By incorporating progressive overloading techniques on a weekly basis, I guarantee that my clients will emerge from the program in a better state than when they started.

Smoove Lab – Recovery and Wellness Center

Smoove Lab is a recovery and wellness center that offers a holistic approach to health and wellness. We specialize in providing a wide range of therapies and treatments to support your recovery, enhance performance, and promote overall well-being. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, training for a competition / sport, or looking to optimize your health, we offer a range of services to meet your needs.